tea franchise under 1 lakh

There are several tea franchises in Hyderabad, and it is difficult to determine the "best" one as it ultimately depends on personal preferences. However, here are some popular tea franchises in Hyderabad that are worth considering: Chai Point: Chai Point is a popular chain that offers a variety of tea flavors and snacks. They use fresh ingredients and have an easy online ordering system for delivery. Chaayos: Chaayos is a chain that specializes in tea and has a wide range of tea blends and snacks. They also have a unique feature that allows customers to customize their own tea blends. Teavana: Teavana is a chain that offers a variety of tea blends and also sells tea-making accessories. They focus on high-quality, natural ingredients and offer a cozy atmosphere for customers. Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge: Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge is a chain that specializes in Indian tea blends and also offers snacks and desserts. They have a comfortable seating area and a relaxing ambience.