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Pharmaceutical Reference Standards Company - SynZeal Research Pvt. Ltd

SynZeal Research Private Limited is a certified Pharmaceutical Reference Standards Supplier. We are working & Drug Working, Drug Impurity and much more. SynZeal Research is an independent research driven company specialized in the custom synthesis of pharmacopeial & non-pharmacopeial reference standards. We understand the industry research needs ...


Online Ayurvedic Consultation

Hempstreet is India's first research to retail venture in the Ayurvedic Cannabis Solution. Working with 60k medical practitioners to provide safe cannabis based products in India. Research to Retail Venture in the Ayurveda Sector. Get the best medical consultation & treatment with the best certified medical practitioners across the country.


Ayurvedic Piles treatment

Ayurveda for piles is believed to be one of the fastest ways to get relief from this condition. It is also considered the most effective way to completely cure it. Ayurveda for piles has been used by people in India traditionally.


100% Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Fights Water Retention: Because aloe vera juice is digestive, it is great for removing water weight. However, it is important to note that drinking too much juice might result in dysentery, stomach pains, dehydration, and other problems.


Immunity Booster Aloe Vera Juice Drink

Aids Digestion: Aloe vera has beneficial health effects and can help digestion when consumed in small amounts. Weight gain is frequently connected to an unhealthy gut or poor digestive function. Weight loss is aided by a healthy digestive system, which allows for proper food metabolization and effective waste removal from the body.