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Reconnecting with Your Inner Self - The Happy Soul

The happy soul involves various modalities, including physical therapies, meditation, counseling, and energy healing practices such as pranic healing and divine energy healing. You can get relief from diseases through our healing therapy.


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Destination Wedding Photography in Bangalore

We are a group of passionate photographers, committed to spread awareness about one of the most beautiful forms of art, Photography. We aim at making the learning of this art user friendly and affordable for anyone to follow. We conduct photography workshops at very nominal cost as well as free photo walks. Online courses are one of the most prefe ...


Serene Beauties

Serene Beauties is a beauty blog that cater information about beauty products and home made remedies for skin, health and hair.


Rooted Actives

Our Super Food Nutritional Products Are Designed To Provide Ancient Nutrients In A Modern, Convenient Form To Power The Body And Mind. We Strongly Believe In The Power Of Natural & Plant-Based Wellness Driven By medicinal mushrooms & Tonic Herbs As A Solution To Most Modern-Day Health Challenges.


HTM Medico Pte Ltd

HTM Medico is Singapore NO.1 AED Distributor and the preferred AED supplier in the market. We seek to be the leading supplier of good quality and affordable portable/home medical devices and emergency life-saving products for lay-person. And continuously educate the masses on how to take charge of our own health and embrace a healthier life.


Classical Herbs & Acupucnture

Miami Acupuncture & Classical Herbs was established by Dr Carolyn Cook since 1994. She has been a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Physician and a Licensed Massage Therapist for more than 20 years of practice. Dr Carolyn Cook offers an integrative approach to health based on the ancient tenants of Classical Chinese medicine.


AceSuccess Guided Meditation Therapy

We reach our highest potential by helping you reach yours in areas physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as financial.


Best Telemedicine App | Best Doctor Consulting App

The second opinion is the online doctor consulting app by which doctors directly connect to the patient through the mobile app. The user can easily upload the (MRI, CT, X-Ray, mammogram, ultrasound, or nuclear medicine ) file, then the second opinion helps you to have the correct diagnosis faster and eliminate unwanted procedures and surgeries. Peo ...


TCMfans club:consulting service of traditional chi

consulting service for syndrome differentiation of TCM,Basic Premium health maintenance consulting,aesthetic,shape building,beauty,traditional chinese medicine,herbalism.