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do you know type 1 diabetes cure from ayurveda is not difficult

Do you really think you know the type 1 diabetes. There has been pretty confusion between type 1 vs type 2. type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very different from each other.Usually type 1 diabetes is called juvenile diabetes.and it can controlled through ayurveda.Click to Know how?


,Ayurvedic massages in kerala

Aadisaktthi Ayurveda Centre in Kerala, Kovalam. We provide best ayurveda treatments in pancha karma, udvarthanam,Pizhichil,Kativasthi,Shirodhara,Podikizhi,Herbal facial,Kayasekham,Netratharpanam,Njavarkizhi,Shirovasthi,Thalapothichil,Chavittihirumu etc.


Buddha Gear Yoga, meditation, mindfulness gear to merge mind and body

Buddha gear - Meditation, yoga gear enhance your inner journey, our original Buddha Bands, yoga meditation headbands with sacred symbols and crystals over your third eye to raise your vibration, merge mind and body and of course, have fun! Hats Beanies Headbands crystals sacred geometry law of attraction hippie yoga.


skincare routine

Skin Care Routine Great skin is not simply a matter of DNA- even your daily habits, food, and water intake impact your skin a lot. Ultimately, caring for the skin is an essential regime which these days everyone is aware of. But most of us aren’t aware of how to start the day and how to use it and in what steps?



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